Mediation Changes People

Posted on: March 27, 2017 Posted by: Baltimore Mediation

When people turn to a mediator for help, it is often helpful for the mediator to remember that conflict often takes a personal toll on people. People caught in difficult and long lasting conflict have often lost some self-confidence, clarity, openness to new approaches, and inner strength.

Often people coming to mediation have been in a difficult or hostile setting where they have argued, spoken to deaf ears, felt insecure or confused, or have themselves listened, not to hear, but

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We’ve Moved! A Message to Our Schenley Road Neighbors

Posted on: April 21, 2016 Posted by: Baltimore Mediation

Dear Friends and Neighbors,          I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know and to also ask that you pass along to our Schenley Road and Evergreen neighbors the following.          After more than twenty years at our location on Schenley Road, Baltimore Mediation is relocating. It has been two very good decades. We are sad to go and wish we did not have to, but you may be aware that our 17 year old son, Archer, on a

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Moving from “them” and “me” to “we”: Being Relational in the Millennial Generation

Posted on: July 7, 2015 Posted by: Baltimore Mediation

Millennials get a bad rap. Labelling them the “me” generation, the stereotype is that millennials are selfish, obsessed with material possessions, and unwilling to expend attention on something that lasts longer than a snapchat. The anti-millennial fire was stoked recently by a poll sponsored by the Atlantic Magazine and the Aspen Institute, which found empirically that only 22% of millennials found helping others to be a top priority, while 46% said that money was crucial to the attainment of the

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The Challenge for Mediators in Respecting Self Determination – The Person about to make a “bad” decision

Posted on: June 8, 2015 Posted by: Baltimore Mediation

Baltimore Mediation recently had an opportunity to conduct a workshop on mediator ethics to the Baltimore City Circuit Court. We know how important it is for mediators to examine their orientation to practice and we always facilitate discussion of the attendant issues in our certificated 40-hour trainings. Baltimore Mediation believes that an ethical mediator must examine ethical questions and grapple with them.

In training, when Louise Phipps Senft asked the question “What makes you a good mediator?” The responses were varied. A few examples: “I’m

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The Vacation House Dilemma: What Will You Pass on to the Next Generation?

Posted on: May 28, 2015 Posted by: Baltimore Mediation

When you think about the next generations– your children, children’s children, and what you want to pass on to them, what comes to mind? It’s a cocktail of things – wonderful memories, wealth, access to opportunities, close rapport with siblings, and an appreciation of the relationships and communities that have come to shape them. We all hope to get to the point where we think about those next generations and can be proactive in helping them.

How are

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