Webinars & Inspirational Speeches

Louise speaks at University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law to judges, lawyers and students on Being Relational in negotiations and mediations.

Can you see the difference between a Facilitative and a Transformative Mediator?

Be Champion for your Loved One in the Hospital

Why Family Mediators Need to Know About Relational Conflict Theory

“What a privilege to be back in the mediation space and to refresh my understanding of the different approaches… I am Team Louise! But oh.. how I teared a little as I considered the depth of pain that divorcing couples bring to the table, and the adrenalin of staying in the moment and following the narratives in a reflective, neutral way”

-Sue Simmons, Director of Caroline County Recreation & Parks

“…What struck me was your ability to keep a focus on the affective dimension of the relationship. You set a tone which offered safety and enabled the disputants to share new and important information. You helped them stay on track. I felt confident in you throughout.”

-James Radde, SJ, Jesuit Priest