Equity & Diversity Focus

Specializing In Equity And Diversity

Baltimore Mediation specializes in providing structured, important mediation facilitations focused on diversity and equity for private, parochial, and independent schools and healthcare organizations. Our team of mediators uses a diversity and equity focused dialogue to facilitate meaningful conversations, constructive engagement and helps make informed and thoughtful decisions. We are successful with these groups because we focus on commonalities and sharpen the differences for deeper understanding and meaningful interactions. Shifts towards greater empowerment and recognition are the glue for more cohesive boards, executive teams and school communities.

Creating a space of inclusion and awareness continues to be a primary focus for the Baltimore Mediation team. Louise and her team welcome differences and help mine for gold nuggets of new understandings where groups experience more cohesiveness through unvarnished dialogue. That is the beauty of the transformative and relational approach – we specialize in making the conversations happen.

What Our Clients Say

Baltimore Mediation has worked successfully with several groups to create focused, relational dialogue that led to real change.

“We didn’t know how to get out of our own way. We just kept going back and forth with no one able to accomplish what was best for our students. It was a relief to work with Baltimore Mediation, professionals who are clearly steeped in authentic engagement.” – Teacher

“The team at Baltimore Mediation took us to the next level. Louise led us on a journey of really constructive dialogue that would not have taken place if it weren’t for their involvement.” – School Board Member

“I truly didn’t think we would move pass the divide, but we did. We bridged it with better understanding of where each of us was coming from.” – Hospital Administrator

“This certainly wasn’t easy. We could not have done this work without Louise and her team. Compassionate, nonjudgmental and very wise professionals.” – HS Principal

“I had no idea how complex it all really was. I learned a great deal and am better for it. Louise ignited what had been smoldering and helped us light a fire for positive clearing and new growth.” – Private School Administrator