Separation Mediation Baltimore


Separation is sometimes used to give couples a chance to get a better perspective on their relationship. Although seen by some as a first step towards divorce, in reality the distance provided by separation can allow for couples to take a meaningful look at their relationship.  In many cases, having an impartial mediator can help couples open a dialogue about the problems they face.  The mediator facilitates meaningful dialogue and informed decision-making about difficult and often complex issues surrounding a decision to separate, or whether or not there will be a separation, and the consequences of a separation, both positive and negative. Separation may also be a step closer to divorce. Using the separation mediation Baltimore trusts can help couples get clear about these decisions. Mediation can also help couples get clear about other resources they may also need, including working with a marriage counselor, individual therapist or counselor, or spiritual advisor, in conjunction with their joint decision making in the mediation process (though use of these resources is not mandatory.)

Using the mediation process, couples can make decisions and/or create a custom-made separation agreement with provisions that meet each partner’s needs, and that also meet the needs of their children, if any, as best they can under the circumstances. Parenting decisions as well as personal and financial issues can be included in a separation agreement. Engaging in the separation mediation Baltimore depends one can help facilitate decisions about temporary or long term child support and spousal support, real and personal property distribution as necessary, other financial asset division, and debt allocation and responsibility. It is worth keeping in mind separation agreements can be legally binding contracts. Separation Agreements can be temporary or longer term, and they can also be complete Voluntary Separation and Personal Property Settlement Agreements, see the Divorce Mediation for more details. The mediator will assist the separating parties with clear choices.

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