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Baltimore Divorce Mediation


People facing the difficult decision to divorce, or the painful experience of having the other spouse choose an unwanted divorce, can realize important benefits from Baltimore divorce separation and property agreements mediation. The mediator facilitates meaningful dialogue and informed decision making about difficult and often complex issues surrounding a decision to divorce. In Baltimore divorce mediation, couples may address their overall goals and what they believe is appropriate and responsive to their situation, and may then deal with conflicts as well as difficult but necessary decision making involving custody of children, parenting arrangements, child support of both minor and adult children, spousal support, real and personal property distribution, other financial asset division, debt allocation and responsibility, retirement plans, insurance plans and taxes.

Clients also have the opportunity to evaluate their current financial situation and to plan for their future financial needs while creating fair terms of agreement, as defined by the couple responsive to their particular situation. If divorce is chosen, mediators of Louise Phipps Senft & Associates/Baltimore Mediation help couples with children end their relationship as husband and wife while continuing their relationship and roles as parents, collaboratively or with boundaries. Some clients may choose not to dissolve their marriage but to be legally separated. With the mediator’s help, temporary interim agreements can be reached to handle immediate concerns. Couples may then discuss, decide or negotiate a complete divorce agreement that can be reviewed by attorneys, if so desired but is not mandatory, and filed with the court. Research shows that post-divorce compliance with mediated agreements is higher than with imposed court judgments. The result is also less post-divorce conflict and litigation. Additional research on transformative Baltimore divorce mediation specifically shows parties’ satisfaction rates in the 90th percentile, regardless of how a party thought or was told he or she would do in court. Let’s hear how we’ve helped many come to the Baltimore divorce separation and property agreements they need to move on with their lives.

Mediators of Louise Phipps Senft & Associates/Baltimore Mediation believe in Better Process…Better Outcome.


“I am a separated woman who was helped by Baltimore Mediation with problems I had after my own legal separation. I only wish I had gone to them earlier in the process. I think their assistance would have been much more beneficial and cost-effective than the money my husband and I spent on private attorneys.

In general, for any couple considering, or in the midst of, separation or divorce, Baltimore Mediation may prove invaluable in terms of obtaining an ultimate decision satisfactory to both parties. If early enough in the process, the outcome might even be a means of reconciling, not just and orderly and respectful division. It is preferable in the State of Maryland to get the best possible guidance before and when separating, though assistance after legal separation with divorce pending can be beneficial too – it was for me. Even if separation has already occurred, Baltimore Mediation can work with both parties to improve equity in this situation. Many details may not be hashed out in cases where separating occurred with either stress or haste. This is a benefit that I obtained from mediation, since when separating I was desperate to end living with my husband as fast as I could.

Baltimore Mediation staff is kind and equitable to both parties on the cusp of a marriage. Decisions are made through compromise and consensus. My only caveat based on my own experience is that both parties have to be willing to be honest and open-minded to fully benefit from mediation.” – Elizabeth Carmody, former mediation client