Real Estate Disputes

Ranging in complexity, real estate disputes may include disagreements between real estate owner/real estate developer; homeowner/homeowner association; property owner/city government; landlord/tenant; buyer/seller; broker/agent; broker/broker; and contractor/client, to name a few. Real estate disputes usually involve two or more parties and often include the attorneys of the disputing parties. Resolution of these disputes through the legal system is often time consuming and lengthy in nature. Most real estate matters are time of the essence situations.

Situation: You are about to settle on your new home and find that what was represented to you and your realtor is not accurate. The realtors have tried to negotiate but you want to talk with the owner and can’t seem to get access. You really want the house and want to figure out a remedy.

Situation: Your small family business has existed for over thirty years. A large real estate development company has begun building in your area. You receive several letters with “buy-out” offers. You decline. The company builds around you but blocks convenient access to your location. As a result business has significantly declined. When you contact the real estate development company, you find that their only compromise is to buy you out. You refuse and threaten to go to court but you know your small business cannot sustain the financial strain imposed by legal action.

Situation: There are several homes, within the neighborhood where you just purchased your house, which have portable basketball courts in their front yard. After moving in you set up your son’s basketball court as others have done. Several weeks later you receive a letter from the homeowners’ association indicating that the basketball court is a violation of the homeowners’ policy. You remove the court.

Feeling as though you’ve been unfairly pointed out, you write a letter to the association complaining of the other basketball courts in the neighborhood. Seemingly, the association takes no action, doesn’t respond to you, and the basketball courts remain.

Situation: You own several residential and warehouse properties throughout the city. You learn that the city had demolished one of your warehouses without prior notice to you. The city offers to reimburse you a pittance of the warehouse’s worth. You decline and contact your attorney.

Each of the situations above represents some of the varieties of real estate matters that Baltimore Mediation mediators can handle for you.

Baltimore Mediation offers an effective and expedient mediation approach to dispute resolution. The mediation is a confidential facilitated process of consensual discussion and negotiation that allows the parties involved in a dispute the opportunity to exchange views and collaborate to find solutions. The mediation belongs to the parties rather than to a judge, the attorneys, or the mediator. Baltimore Mediation mediators seek to help the parties who are in dispute shift from adversarial perspectives to perspectives characterized by greater openness and responsiveness

Baltimore Mediation mediators are professionals with extensive backgrounds in real estate, law, human resources, homeowner associations, boards of directors, residential and commercial contracting, and business management. Baltimore Mediation mediators are experienced and specially trained in communication and the art of conflict transformation. They know how to handle difficult situations involving groups and individuals. Baltimore Mediation mediators help all involved to work out the best possible solutions and in most cases in only a few hours or a full day session.

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