Baltimore Contract Disputes

In every business relationship there is the potential for crises to arise around contractual agreements or daily business operations. This crisis brings about anger, fear, confusion, vulnerability, defensiveness and suspicion between all parties. As importantly, the situation often negatively affects production and often brings work to a standstill in some areas. If this has or is happening within your company, mediation is your best remedy.

Example:  You are working with a major marketing firm which has breached its sales and marketing contract.

Example:  Union workers, employed by your organization, seek compensation benefits after your store has suddenly closed.

Example: You own a construction company which is in dispute with various sub-contractors because of the poor quality of work that has become a risk factor.

Example: The residential remodeling contractor you hired fails to rectify the situation involving the incorrectly installed duct system. Therefore, you have refused to pay for the services.

Example: As a Hospital Administrator, you threaten litigation against the health insurer who has refused to pay for services provided to its members.

Baltimore Mediation offers individuals, companies and organizations a wide array of mediation and conflict resolution services that can be provided on site at your business or in a confidential, comfortable off-site setting at our office or another location of your choice. Baltimore Mediation has extensive experience in contractual disputes and civil litigation whether between two or multiple parties.

The transformative approach, where the mediator facilitates quality interaction and exploration of whatever is important to the parties as well as possible solutions, has been proven to be highly successful in bringing clarity and understanding to Baltimore contract disputes, generating creative solutions and helping to maintain important relationships. Upon request, the Baltimore Mediation mediator will draft a summary or the terms of agreement for the parties.

To complement face-to-face mediation of Baltimore contract disputes, Baltimore Mediation offers online dispute resolution (ODR). When parties are geographically distanced, ODR can provide a way to intervene quickly and save costly travel and time expense. Conversations can be synchronous (threaded) or asynchronous (real time) or both, and are conducted through a secure, confidential site with a BMC mediator trained in online dispute resolution. While ODR may not entirely replace face-toface mediation, it can be a powerful tool to help parties begin to understand and prioritize the issues and set an agenda for a face-to-face meeting, maximizing the use of time.

Baltimore Mediation mediators are professionals with extensive backgrounds in human resources, counseling, finance, law, business, civil litigation, tax, and construction. BMC mediators are experienced and specially trained in negotiation, communication and the art of conflict transformation. They know how to handle difficult situations involving alleged breaches of contracts between businesses and individuals.  Our mediators assist with a full understanding of the situation from all sides, thus empowering participants to make informed decisions and create mutually acceptable resolutions. For more information contact Baltimore Mediation.