Public Policy Facilitation

Whether it is a small group meeting to discuss public policy decisions or a large forum for public discourse, Baltimore Mediation can offer facilitation services to lead productive conversations about difficult topics. The Systems Approach and Transformative Model have been proven to be highly successful in bringing clarity and understanding to these disputes, generating creative solutions and helping to maintain important relationships. Our facilitation services offer design consultation and on-site facilitation. Typically Baltimore Mediation meets privately with key stakeholders prior to the multiparty dialogue session, and usually, the facilitation of the group is scheduled for a half day or a whole day. There may be more than one session depending on the needs of the group. Another hallmark of Baltimore Mediation services is the full comprehensive summary we provide after each session to capture essential ideas, identified barriers, issues, options, consensus, decisions, and action steps generated during the session.

Louise Phipps Senft has facilitated groups as small as 2 people and as large as 800 people. For groups larger than two or three, we have a more in-depth process that includes possible interviews, review of documents and design of the facilitation process that serve to open dialogue and foster informed decision-making. We welcome the opportunity to work with your group to design the best facilitation possible.