Why Divorce Mediation Could Work For You

divorce mediationIn any divorce, the process of figuring out what is best for both spouses and the extended family can be tough. The judgment of every involved party is often clouded by personal wishes and perhaps some long-held grudges as well. Someone who has gone through divorce mediation training can serve as an objective third party to help resolve issues of the divorce. Discover these benefits of divorce mediation, which can ultimately assist in figuring out what is best for everyone.

Your Children Are Put First

In mediation training, professionals are taught to put the interests of the children first. Custody battles that end up in court are often damaging to children because of the inevitable legal battle that takes place. By nature, mediating a divorce is a cooperative process. Any custody issues and visitation guidelines are quietly negotiated and settled upon during the mediation. Children will not have to be pulled into court proceedings to testify on either parent’s behalf. Instead, the children are protected from the messy details and angry confrontations of the divorce of their parents.

The Process Is Private And Confidential

When you end up settling your divorce in a public courtroom, all of its private details are available to anyone present. For those who value their privacy, a traditional divorce in court may not be a comfortable option. With a couples mediation, all of the prevalent information is kept private and confidential. The mediator takes care of all paperwork, document signing, and filing, guaranteeing the privacy of all parties. The mediation session is held in a private, mutually agreed upon location. In comparison to an intimidatingly official courtroom, this comfortable location can make for a less stressful divorce and negotiation.

It Is Efficient And Cost Effective

On average, the cost to mediate your divorce is about 40 to 60% less than allowing lawyers to take the case to family court. While hiring a mediator does vary in cost depending on the difficulty involved in splitting assets and child visitation schedules, the cost of divorce lawyers can bankrupt a hard-working parent. A long and complicated divorce in court can not only take a lot of money, but also a lot of time. The flexible and relaxed method taught in mediation training allows for a quicker process.

Over two-thirds of couples who chose divorce mediation have said that they were satisfied with the process’s outcome. If you think hiring a mediator may right for you, contact Baltimore Mediation today.