Construction Disputes

Disputes often occur in the construction industry. Missed deadlines and contract infringements wreak havoc on business and long-lasting working relationships. Parties within the dispute risk future business and customers due to impasse over facts and legal procedures that result in costly legal battles. Focus is no longer on project completion but on interest-based disputing. Continuing in this manner could have devastating effects that are irreparable.

Situation: The construction company contracted to develop the new site is running six months behind the contract date. The city government, which has approved two prior contract extensions, is threatening to find another contractor.

Situation: The contract has been awarded to begin the development of the site. The community and other environmentalists are beginning to raise questions and it appears the project may be stalled or distracted.

Situation: The project manager and two of the subs often have shouting matches and work is tense on the site.

Situation: As residential developer, you have a twenty year working relationship with your construction company. While construction was completed on time, you received several complaints regarding the quality of work. Two complaints resulted in lawsuits totaling more $500,000. You are in the middle of a third major development project when you learn that the construction company is using the same materials. However, discontinuing the project would result in missed deadlines, breached contracts, and multiple lawsuits.

Baltimore Mediation offers an effective and expedient mediation approach to construction dispute resolution. The mediation is a confidential facilitated process of consensual discussion and negotiation that allows the parties involved in a dispute the opportunity to exchange views and collaborate to find real life and practical solutions. The mediation belongs to the parties who maintain control of the process, the costs and the outcome. Baltimore Mediation mediators creating an environment for full understanding of what all has occurred, it’s impacts and what is needed now. When this occurs, disputes and conflicts get resolved. Businessmen and women interested in productivity and moving projects forward benefit significantly when using the mediation process. Subcontractors as well as professionals entering into partnering agreements have also benefited immensely from the presence of a trained third party neutral who can facilitate meaningful discussions in a confidential setting.

Baltimore Mediation mediators are professionals with extensive backgrounds in real estate, law, contracts, construction both residential and commercial, architecture and management. Baltimore Mediation mediators are experienced and specially trained in contract negotiation, communication and the art of conflict transformation. They know how to handle difficult situations involving groups and individuals. For more information contact the Baltimore Mediation Center. Better Process…Better Outcome.

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