Construction and Community Facilitation

Construction projects often involve multiple contractors and subcontractors as well as many divergent factors. Baltimore Mediation can help contractors and others in construction by facilitating contract negotiations and mediating disputes. In contract negotiations, we provide a neutral facilitator who assures that all the right questions are asked and answered in a confidential setting, including clear and practical ‘what-if’ payment terms. We also mediate disputes between employees, or managers and employees, to return to a united workplace and help reduce difficulties on the job by engaging employees, including assisting in developing plans for workers to return to work after a workers compensations claim has been processed and assisting in removal of barriers to subcontractor payments.

When a community is in distress or faces a community dispute or crisis, community members may seek different means of resolving the dispute. Facilitation from the transformative approach is popular with communities because it allows community members to discuss their views and hopes for the future in an informal setting with a neutral person facilitating conversation that is focused on what is important to the participants and in the best interests of the community. Baltimore Mediation’s expertise is in managing large numbers of people in such a gathering, as well as in fostering quality interaction.