Business and Organizational Facilitation – Facilitation Approach

Baltimore Mediation has extensive experience in mediating multi-party disputes and in facilitating divergent group dialogue. Whether a group of six business partners or a host of thirty managers or a community of one hundred stakeholders, Baltimore Mediation has successfully designed, navigated and transformed difficult or potentially divisive interactions into experiences of clarity and strength for all which has promoted informed decision making, stronger relationships and organizational cohesiveness.

Baltimore Mediation’s systems approach and transformative model which focuses on the quality of the dialogue and interaction has proven to be highly successful in bringing clarity and understanding to multiple issues and often complex histories as well as emotional topics, generating creative solutions and helping to maintain important relationships and productivity.

Another hallmark of Baltimore Mediation’s work is the comprehensive written summary of the dialogue after the facilitation capturing essential ideas, identified barriers, issues, options, consensus, differences, decisions, and action steps generated during the facilitated dialogue. Furthermore Baltimore Mediation facilitators are regularly called upon to facilitate meetings thus allowing all participants, including Chairs, Presidents, Directors and other leaders who would otherwise have lead a meeting to instead have the ability to participate as fully as the others or to have the ability to observe without having to juggle the management of the meeting. Baltimore Mediation facilitators are experts and are also regularly asked to provide meaningful team building workshops for groups of all sizes.

What makes Baltimore Mediation facilitators unique is that they are professional transformative mediators who know how to work with group conflict rather than muzzle it. They also know how to bring out the best in a group for diversity of ideas and thoughts to create more meaningful outcomes and organizational transformation. In addition to being nationally certified as Transformative Mediators™ and facilitators, they have extensive backgrounds in law, human resources, counseling, finance, business management, organizational development and psychology.

The Benefits of Facilitation from the Transformative Approach:

It is Designed to Fit the Situation:

  • Public Policy Consensus Building
  • Difficult Interactions that Need to be Overcome
  • Congregational Conflict that Needs to be Faced
  • Family or Business Decision-Making that Needs to Be Well Thought Through with Buy-In from All
  • Board of Directors Decision-Making that Needs to Be Practical and Enduring
  • Strategic Visioning that Is Visionary and Doable
  • Team Building that Is Meaningful
  • Organizational Restructuring Dialogue and Decision-Making that is Comprehensive and Compassionate
  • Executive Retreats that Energize
  • Staff Retreats for Personal Development
  • Retreats for Future Planning & Implementation with Clear Next Steps and Responsibilities

It is Designed to Fit the Size of the Group, Big or Small (6 to 250):

  • Provides opportunity to discuss hard, complicated or difficult subjects
  • Provides opportunity for all to speak
  • Provides opportunity for all to hear others
  • Provides third-party “Presence” who captures ideas that the group may miss
  • Provides third-party “Presence” who identifies areas of disagreement and makes it safe to explore them
  • Provides third-party “Presence” who keeps the group on track
  • Creates environment for Quality dialogue
  • Highlights opportunity for changes in interaction to more constructive and positive
  • Surfaces better understanding of barriers and differences
  • Surfaces better understanding of how to work best with commonalities
  • Builds team-work and cohesion
  • Anchors responsibility
  • Provides a comprehensive written summary at the conclusion which captures group’s ideas and decisions for future reflection and implementation

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