Baltimore Workplace Disputes

Baltimore Mediation’s transformative approach to Baltimore workplace disputes with a focus on the quality of the interaction and dialogue is especially appropriate within an organizational setting that by its very nature has many divergent factors and stakeholders. The organized and cohesive workplace has, by definition, the need for a process which promotes working with each other and maintaining creativity and productivity as well as respectful relationships.

Example: A senior manager or executive is experiencing regular undermining by another manager which appears to be negatively affecting how others view the senior manager. The other manager is experiencing a lack of response to her ideas of change in the department. By observations of others, the two do not relate well to each other in department meetings and this is negatively affecting the team morale of the department.

Example: An employee is experiencing routine subtle putdowns by his manager. His manager sees him as a slacker but is afraid to fire him. The employee has filed an informal complaint, or has been to see the HR manager or the president of the company.

Example: The doctors in the department are experiencing greater hospital expectations for less and less autonomy and quality of practice. The hospital administration views the department as arrogant but essential to the functioning of offering quality patient care.

Example: A long term or executive employee has been given notice of a severance to occur at a future date and the terms of a severance package are not agreed upon.

Example: A large organization is having to downsize and would like to have the presence of a mediator to facilitate the discussion and questions about each employee’s job loss or change.

Mediation from this approach provides this process.

Mediation from the transformative approach is popular with employees because it enables them to discuss upsetting situations, difficult circumstances or grievances in an informal setting with a neutral person facilitating conversation that is focused on what is important to the participants and what they see as barriers or potential ways to improve or resolve a conflicted situation. Because the process is informal and is facilitated by a neutral mediator, it is less adversarial than more traditional HR processes or grievance procedures. While mediation is popular among employees, mediation is also favored by managers, HR directors, financial officers and CEO’s who find that mediation is a cost effective alternative to time- consuming and a costly formal grievance processes or legal actions, and, as importantly, quality mediation is a demonstration of responsiveness to employees, colleagues, or valued long term clients. Baltimore Mediation has been honored to provide these quality Baltimore workplace disputes mediation services for hundreds in such situations.


” This was the best process I have ever experienced, in over 35 years of working with Med Chi Insurance Agency, thanks to Louise’s direction and leadership skills.” – Ron Fisher, CEO, Med Chi Insurance Agency, Inc.