Pre-Marriage Dialogue and Decision Making


Mediation promotes an atmosphere of mutual trust that fosters the ability to communicate concerns about the future, and to have a meaningful dialogue about such concerns. With the help of a third party neutral mediator, couples already engaged or considering a life time commitment to each other are able to discuss and consider the other’s perspectives on various topics including to marry or not marry, in-law relationships, sibling relationships, finances, lifestyle choices, previous relationships, having future children, religious compatibility, and other important matters that require discussion and discernment.

Choosing mediation for such situations provides a safe forum for important questions to be asked, allows meaningful conversation to happen, allows insights to emerge and nurtures a discernment process. Important decisions then follow. Mediation is private, and, if chosen by the couple, the mediator can draft a written summary of what was considered in the discussion.

Mediators of Louise Phipps Senft & Associates/Baltimore Mediation believe in Better Process…Better Outcome.