Partnership Dissolution


Mediation is an ideal forum, as well as an alternative forum, for addressing the needs of unmarried couples, as well as,  gay and lesbian couples, who are working through a separation of their relationship and acquired property. Mediation can help resolve issues for those who have lived together or bought property together, parented a child together, and/or formed a business together while being involved in an emotional and personal relationship with one another.

While the law provides guidance and support to married families, it often does not address or pertain to unmarried couples. Such couples are often lost in not only a painful situation but also a particularly vulnerable situation, financially. In mediation, parties are able to choose standards, including borrowed legal standards, to guide them in property division where such standards may not otherwise exist. Mediation assists them with separating their relationship with integrity and with compassion into workable decisions and agreements. The mediator can also prepare or assist with preparation of written agreements, which can be legally binding if chosen.

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