Lori Mostofsky, LCSW-C

I am an associate on the Baltimore Mediation team, trained and certified in general mediation and family and domestic mediation. By background, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the field of mental health for over 30 years, having graduated from SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Work, in 1990. I have advanced training in family therapy and, as a certified mediator using a transformative framework, my approach, like all of us on the Baltimore Mediation team, is to focus on quality dialogue and communication breakthroughs. I have been an adjunct Professor at McDaniel College’s Masters in Counseling program, and worked for 10 years in Child Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where I was a 4-year long member of the hospital-wide ethics committee.

My psychotherapy practice focus includes adolescent, couples and family therapy. I have advanced training in Family Therapy, CBT for anxiety/depression/suicidality, Trauma-Focused CBT, and treat mood/anxiety and substance abuse disorders and couples in high conflict.

My mediation practice focus is family and domestic mediation. I see all my work as collaborative, working together towards goals identified by clients. In a neutral and non-judgmental atmosphere, people build upon their strengths while focusing on practical solutions to problems.

I fundamentally believe in preserving relationships and people inherently having capacity for change. This drives how I help people connect with their strengths, understand how they impact others, how others impact them, and how they navigate their larger worlds. As this process unfolds, people see ways to support themselves and live easier, happier lives.