Negotiation and Dialogue Coaching

Negotiation consists of our ability to understand other parties’ interests or needs, to be willing to ask questions and clarify issues, and to invite criticism, take risks, and determine standards to measure options. Baltimore Mediation’s mediators will help you reach fair agreements that will hold up over time, and help to preserve current and future family or business relationships.

Negotiation and dialogue coaching is used between mediation sessions to support each party in formulating proposals and identifying strategies to meet their own and the other party’s needs. When individual rights and interests are in conflict, both sides must be able to clearly articulate proposals and look for solutions that fulfill everyone’s needs.

Many parties choose mediation in order to prevent further damage to what pre-existing relationship exists. Despite the best of intentions, parties often still have emotional ties (especially in family) and investments (as in business) in each other, which make the task of negotiating particularly challenging. Baltimore Mediation can coach you through these difficult situations, providing you with skills that will last a lifetime.