Leadership for Women Workshop – March 5-7, 2012


Baltimore Mediation Founder and Lead Trainer, Louise Phipps Senft, Esq. together with internationally renowned leadership for women teacher and MBB member, Joan Goldsmith are proud to announce the first Baltimore Mediation leadership and conflict transformation workshop designed exclusively for women.

The workshop will be offered from March 5-7, 2012 at the Gramercy Mansion Carriage House in Stevenson, MD. Cost of registration is $895. Deadline for registrations is February 16. Call today to reserve your spot! 443-524-0833.

Program highlights:

  • Examining feminine models of leadership and discovering family patters that free women to become leaders in their own lives
  • Reviewing organizational supports and barriers to women’s leadership in order to generate startegies for success
  • Expanding women’s capacity for self-expression by discovering talents and balancing values
  • Clarifying thinking styles and cognitive preferences in order to create strategies for success
  • Exploring intimacy and spiritual crucibles to develop confidence, authenticity and capacity for sustained relationships
  • Women as leaders – how to lead effectively and in an emotionally satisfying way
  • Understanding what women and men want in life and difficulties as growth opportunities
  • Dealing with and embracing emotions to reduce personal reactivity
  • Relationship dynamics – how they shape and influence us
  • Women in society and beyond: understanding the roles we play
  • Gaining practical skills in mediation and conflict transformation