What is Family Mediation and When Is it a Good Idea?

family mediationFamilies are complex and require work and patience. Even the most tight-knit families have issues that need to be worked through. Sometimes it can feel as though a problem will break you apart and there’s nothing that you can do to fix it.

Utilizing family mediation can be a great way to come to an agreement on even some of the toughest issues.

What is family mediation?

Either you and your family mutually decide to see a third party mediator or one is court-appointed to you. The mediator will help all sides come to an agreement on whatever issue is at hand and help move the problem towards resolution. The entire process consists of all parties sitting down in a neutral setting to discuss their respective sides and work towards resolving their issues. A resolution may not be made right away and you might walk out with a way to address the problem or steps to fix it on your own terms. However, mediating a family can be a long and arduous task that takes the efforts of everyone involved and not just one side. It needs to be taken seriously in order for any progress to be made.

When is mediation necessary?

Mediation is never necessary unless you are ordered by a court to do so. However, even in those situations, you may not place any weight on the situation and choose to ignore the process. Alternatively, mediation is a good idea for family disputes such as:

  • Pre-separation
  • During a divorce
  • Ending a relationship (non-married partner)
  • Dividing shared property
  • Child support disputes
  • Division of any assets or debt
  • Any matters regarding parenting responsibilities

You might find that your reasons for seeking out mediation differ from those listed above and that’s okay. There’s no one reason to utilize mediators that is more significant than another and any type of dispute can be handled through mediation.

Besides being neutral third-parties who can assist you in coming to a resolution, mediators are familiar with family law and can help facilitate any legal matters as well. Additionally, if you were to opt for divorce mediation, you could save around 40% to 60% compared to the cost of divorce litigation. Consult with your local mediator to put an end to the problem and seek the solution.

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