Facilitation Baltimore


Baltimore Mediation has extensive experience in mediating family disputes, we offer the facilitation Baltimore trusts. Whether a disagreement between two siblings or the entire family, Baltimore Mediation successfully allows for everyone to be heard where a potentially divisive conflict could have occurred. Mediation can turn contention into an experience of clarity and strength for all which has promoted informed decision making, stronger relationships and the emotion involved in decisions concerning family.

Baltimore Mediation’s systems approach and transformative model which, focuses on the quality of the dialogue and interaction, has proven to be highly successful in bringing clarity and understanding to multiple issues and often complex histories as well as emotional topics, generating creative solutions and helping to maintain important relationships and productivity.

Another hallmark of Baltimore Mediation’s work is the comprehensive written summary of the dialogue after the facilitation capturing essential ideas, identified barriers, issues, options, consensus, differences, decisions, and action steps generated during the facilitated dialogue.  Furthermore, Baltimore Mediation facilitators are regularly called upon to facilitate follow-up meetings, such as continued decision-making for an elderly parent who is now ill, thus allowing all family members to participate fully while continuing to keep peace, making us the facilitation Baltimore relies on.

What makes Baltimore Mediation facilitators unique is that they know that these issues are emotionally charged. They don’t ask you to muzzle these feelings, rather, they encourage you to talk about your emotions regarding the matter in order to make the best choices for loved ones. They want you to leave the mediation knowing that you were heard. In addition to being nationally certified as Transformative Mediators™ and facilitators, they have extensive backgrounds in counseling, psychology, law, human resources, finance, business management and organizational development, which prepares them for virtually any situation that arises.