Civil Ligitation Baltimore

Mediation for disputes involving civil litigation Baltimore is a necessary consideration before traditional court intervention. The direct connection between the parties and proceeding to the problem solving process creates greater efficiency. Solving the problem decreases transaction costs as well as delays in the judicial system, and the public perception of our legal system as well as the mediation participants view of their lawyers are all enhanced when working with a mediator from Baltimore Mediation.

Mediation is more efficient avenue for civil litigation Baltimore because the outcome of any mediation is controlled by those who have the most complete view of the case: the parties themselves. They are inevitably the ones best equipped to solve the problems created by the situation. The parties control how they wish to state their own view of the matters, and the mediator creates a safe environment in which to do so. Eliminating the restrictions of formal rules, the mediator encourages an open dialogue that focuses on the forces that have brought the parties in to dispute in the first place. In doing so, the mediator is a catalyst for initiating mutually acceptable solutions.

The mediation process is completely confidential, and any information discussed in a private session cannot be revealed to the other party with out permission. The mediator often serves as a sounding board so that parties can have an opportunity to ‘vent’ or release thought and feeling that have contributed to the dispute. An example of this is a mediation involving a wrongful death action. Both sides agreed to mediation as a last measure before engaging in costly expert depositions. When the wife of the decedent finally got her chance to talk to the mediator and the other side, including the attorney and insurance adjuster, about her deceased husband, and express the grieving she felt over his death, the case took on a different posture. It was as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and she could finally accept the fact that that her husband was gone and the only way the justice system could deal with the problem was a monetary payment. After some discussion with the mediator, the case settled in less than four hours. If you find yourself in a similar situation, rely on Baltimore Mediation to assist you.