How Can Leaders Inspire Their Employees?

keynote inspirational speakerIt’s no secret that being a manager is no easy task — from meeting with clients to handling to day-to-day business, managers consistently have a lot on their plates. But one of the most important tasks managers have is ensuring their employees are being productive. Unfortunately, workplace conflict is all too common. In fact, managers typically spend 25% to 40% of their time dealing with workplace mediation. This is why it’s important that all employees feel motivated, inspired, and productive. So let’s explore a few key points all managers should keep in mind to help them be a better leader.


Give regular acknowledgment: This may sound simple, but many workplace leaders fail to simply give their employees the acknowledgment they want and need. Employees need to feel safe and like they matter — this allows them to feel like they have a place at work and encourages productivity. But when managers fail to even acknowledge their employees on a personal basis, employees are going to feel unwanted and uninspired. So every good manager should make the time to acknowledge and appreciate their employees.


Provide the right goals: One of the best ways to inspire and motivate employees is to give them the right goals. When employees are given the right motivational conditions, they’re more likely to want to succeed. So consider giving employees stretch goals and challenge them to do things differently. While routine is good, mundane work can lead to burnout. Produce more opportunities for employees to get involved with new projects and responsibilities to keep them interested in their job.


Take it outside of the office: Even the best and brightest leaders need to ask for help every now and then. So why not give your employees inspiration outside of work? Hiring a keynote inspirational speaker to discuss employment issues, conflicts in the workplace, and an overall lack of productivity and motivation can be just what employees need. Employee trust and bonding exercises along with the help of a great keynote inspirational speaker can help give employees the motivation they need in the workplace.


There are plenty of ways to inspire and motivate your employees. If you’re a leader in your company, consider using these tips to help employees be their best.