Business and Client Disputes

Mediation for businesses and the workplace is a process that more and more companies are using to resolve, in an efficient and peaceful manner, client-customer and stakeholder disputes and employee complaints before they become broken relationships or formal grievances. Organizational facilitation relies on the same principles of mediation to resolve disagreements and disputes between groups, departments and other bodies.

Example:  You are in a dispute with a person with whom you have a business or organizational relationship which needs to be preserved.

Example: Departments within your organization need to make decisions and maintain cohesiveness but have strong conflicting views.

Example: You are faced with a conflict that might result in economic and psychological costs of litigation.

Example:  Two of your employees are disputing and want you to resolve the issue. However you might not be perceived as impartial and objective.

Example: An aggrieved employee no longer trusts in-house grievance procedures.

Example: Managing a business well includes managing conflict. If your organization is experiencing conflicts of this sort, mediation is for you.

Mediation provides a confidential informal yet business-like setting that offers a facilitated process of discussion and negotiations that allows the parties involved in a conflict or dispute the opportunity to exchange views in a setting where they are heard and are able to explore mutually acceptable solutions and to make more fully informed decisions. Often complaints and disputes can be resolved with the help of a trained and experienced mediator/facilitator who is neutral and does not represent any side.

Mediation yields satisfying outcomes. Nearly 85% of all mediated cases reach a workable result created by the parties. Mediated disputes are concluded in a fraction of the time it takes to litigate or arbitrate. Using mediation minimizes disruptions in the workplace by preventing disputes from escalating and, as importantly, providing greater peace of mind. Mediation is private and confidential and often improves the relationship between parties. BMC mediation clients are more likely to handle future conflicts better, and our mediation agreements last!

Baltimore Mediation mediators are professionals with extensive backgrounds in law, human resources, finance, counseling and business management. BMC mediators are experienced and specially trained in interest-based negotiation, communication and the art of conflict transformation. They know how to handle difficult situations involving groups and individuals. BMC mediators help parties understand each other’s needs, empowering them to make informed decisions and create mutually acceptable resolutions.

The business setting also provides many opportunities for quality decision making in times of change or turnover or new vision.  Facilitation of such dialogue is another way to enhance the potential of harnessing differences and making conflict and change work for you. See Baltimore Mediation’s facilitation and staff retreats.

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