3 Common Employment Issues And How To Tackle Them

employment issuesA workplace can bring together a variety of people from different backgrounds for a common purpose, but it can also be a breeding ground for employment issues. In the United States, companies spend about 2.1 hours every week involved in workplace conflict, which amounts to approximately $359 billion in paid hours focused on conflict rather than positive productivity. Learn how to successfully handle common employment disputes and transform your workplace into a pleasant and productive environment.

Interpersonal Conflict

Employment issues often take the form of conflict between two people. Whether it is between two employees or an employee and a manager or owner, workplace disputes call for an effective method of conflict management. These disputes often boil down to a lack of or improper method of communication between the two parties. Consider engaging in workplace mediation, in which a neutral third party fosters communication between the two disputing parties and allows them to air their grievances. These sessions give employees a chance to say what they need to and allow everyone involved to come to a resolution.

Attendance and Timekeeping Issues

If you find that your employees are having trouble getting to work on time or are improperly recording their time punches, try implementing new systems before engaging in any conflict. One way to give employees more autonomy and control over their timekeeping is by using employee self-service software. This software allows employees to punch in and out from their smartphones. When it comes time for payday, they will know that they were in control of entering their punches into the system. Not only will this new method be more convenient for them, they will feel more responsible for their attendance.

Adequate Safety Policies

No matter what industry you work in, your employees will be happier knowing that there are proper safety guidelines in place to protect them. When employees don’t feel safe, they’re more likely to act out or take issue with their safety concerns. Having adequate safety procedures includes ensuring that all of the proper safety equipment and security measures are in place. It can also include policies that ensure that employees do not become overly fatigued from too many overtime shifts or difficult hours.

By ensuring the happiness of your employees, you’re ensuring the success of your business. You should approach any employment issues with kindness, understanding, and efficiency in order to reach the best resolution for everyone.