Chris Rubacky

Chris Rubacky is an entrepreneur, mediator, and trainer.  He has led trainings in mediation, conflict resolution, interest-based negotiations, special education mediation, stress reduction, and emotional literacy/anger management for schools, parent groups, non-profit organizations and men’s jails.  He is proud to have partnered with and led workshops for a number of established training organizations on both coasts including Peer Mediation Programs (New Jersey), Bucks County Peace Center (Pennsylvania), Baltimore Mediation, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC, San Mateo County, California), and Community Boards of San Francisco, where he was fortunate to have traveled throughout California, Nevada and as far as Alaska in leading peer and community mediation trainings.

Chris first became interested in the study of Conflict Resolution while earning his Master’s Degree from American University in Washington, DC in Special Education, with a focus on working with emotionally disturbed children.    His Bachelor’s degree is from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is proud to have been a Community Mediator/Panel Member for Community Boards of San Francisco (CBSF), where he lived for close to a decade.  The enormously diverse population and fantastic training tradition of CBSF provided excellent experience in working with a wide range of civil disputes, as well as in cross-cultural communication and transformative mediation.

Originally trained in Mediation by the New Mexico Center for Dispute Resolution, in the mid-1990’s Chris earned his certification as a trainer in mediation and collaborative negotiation by now retired mediator Bill Lincoln. He benefited from Mr. Lincoln’s reputation as both a pioneer in interest-based bargaining (ala the Harvard Negotiation Project) and as a seasoned international mediator.

In 2002, Chris formed his own legal staffing agency, CVR Search.  In 2014, Chris was moved to go back to his roots in dispute resolution, when he received his certificate in Workplace Mediation from Louise Phipps-Senft and Baltimore Mediation.   Baltimore Mediation’s transformative model and emphasis on improving relationships through quality dialogue has felt like home ever since.  In late 2015, Chris began helping with select consulting and coaching for Baltimore Mediation.

In addition to his consulting work for Louise and Baltimore Mediation, Chris recently opened his own mediation practice, Relate and  He helps resolve disputes primarily relating to workplace matters and in support of the families of U.S. Veterans, with particular emphasis on communities surrounding veterans with PTSD/Moral Injury.

As an avid fan of the mystic poet Rumi, fiction, and the great outdoors, Chris lives in the Boulder, Colorado area with his fabulous wife Jennifer and wonder-filled daughter, Gabriella.  A daily meditation practice strongly informs his relational mediation practice.  Along with Jennifer, he also runs monthly groups on meditation and relationships for area couples.