Barry Evans

Barry Evans has 25 years of experience as a mediator, beginning his affiliation with Baltimore Mediation when Louise partnered with The Sheppard Pratt Health System and the Baltimore City Circuit Court to create the first family mediation program of its kind in the state. Barry created, with another Baltimore Mediation Team Mediator, Beverly Hovmand, the first pre-mediation orientation for never married parents in the country, called SHAPE. SHAPE was emulated by many court systems across the US.

Barry is also an award-winning Toastmaster, professional speaker, and trainer with 25 years plus of working in higher education. Of the many positions he held at Towson University, he loved his role as the Director of the Office of Diversity Resources. He was an often-requested presenter for the Towson University Office of Leadership & Organizational Development. He has been part of Baltimore Mediation’s DEI work and it’s work on race relations for many years.

He is an alternative dispute resolution practitioner specializing in the mediation of divorce cases and parent education for parents in the court system attempting to establish custody of their children. No matter the audience he presents to, his goal is to have people acquire a greater understanding of the importance of how they now affect their future.

His most challenging audience of late is presenting to court-ordered divorcing parents. His goal is to help these men and women who are often at the mercy of incredible emotional conflict, to develop a greater understanding of the options and choices they have in the ways they choose to engage or not which can minimize the negative ramifications of certain choices on their children and themselves.

Ultimately, Barry wants to empower people to stand in the heat of the furnace without getting burned. It’s why he is devoted to the relational model of mediation which informs all of the Baltimore Mediation team.