Baltimore Mediation

For more than 20 years, Baltimore Mediation has provided the highest quality negotiation and conflict transformation training and services.
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With the publication of our book, Being Relational: The Seven Ways to Quality Interaction & Lasting Change, to be released September 1, 2015, we will expand the scope of our offerings to reach wider audiences in need of process and method for maximizing well-being for themselves and others.

Louise is a recognized pioneer in the teaching and practice of transformative mediation – taking a relational approach to negotiations and conflict. The approach focuses on the quality of the interaction between people in conflict and difficult negotiations, believing always in the capacity of people to resolve difficulties and respecting always their right to self-determination.

Better process. Better outcome.

Our emphasis is placed on quality dialogue as a pathway to common ground and greater understanding in disputes and difficult negotiations. Along the way, problems get solved, healing can occur, and parties gain clarity in decision making. That is the beauty of the transformative approach to conflict resolution and we specialize in making the conversation happen.

Baltimore Mediation has assisted in thousands of conflicts and disputes in business and workplace relationships and in family relationships – including marital and separation & divorce, and many other situations.  This experience makes us the mediation Baltimore trusts.

We are the divorce mediation Baltimore trusts, and we have an extensive history of success in assisting parties with family relationships, including separation and children custody/parenting plans, while also helping them cope with emotions and improve communication. In just a few sessions we can help you make these decisions, saving you lots of time and money otherwise spent in litigation.

As facilitators, we have designed and facilitated hundreds of board meetings, business meetings and retreats and, through our standard and customized trainings, have equipped thousands of professionals across the country with proven techniques and strategies to work through problems and mediate conflict.

Here are our upcoming trainings offered for open registration to qualified interested parties.